2021 Graphic Art Master's The Final Creative projects

Simona Jurčiukonytė. Creative project “The Circle: Meaning, Shape and Method”, 2021

Kamilė Jadevičiūtė. Creative project “Sediments of Time”, 2021

Paulė Vaitkutė. Creative project “Site-specific Forest: 55 ° 13'31.5 "N 22 ° 53'39;57.3E”, 2021

Justė Zarembaitė. Creative project „CC7-rl5”, 2021

Teodora Jurčytė. Creative project “Space of Memory or the Inside that I didn't Know about”, 2021



Pijus Čeikauskas. Creative project “Guide of Šnipiškes”, 2021

Marija Sučilaitė, Creative project Hortus Conclusus, 2021