Drawing workshop "Tool/Material/Activator"

March 14-18, 2022 A creative drawing workshop was held within the framework of the master's study subject "Contextual composition" of the Latvian Academy of Arts (teacher Elīna Zunde), led by the artist, Prof. Marija Marcelionytė-Paliukė of the Department of Graphic Art of the Vilnius Academy of Arts.

The creative results of the workshop were presented in a joint exhibition "Appamata ta ta ta" on 21-28 March, whose unifying idea was: it has to be drawn, i.e. expressed on paper. In the creative interaction of nine participants, which lasted for five days, the discovered materials and tools and different ways of their application or "activators", often stirring up academic knowledge, expanded the individual plastic expression of the participants, questioned the visual aspects of ideas, and "threw" into a state of creative flow.

Participants in the exhibition: Ieva Baumgarte, Aija Bley, Evija Freidenfelde, Arta Indriksone, Eila Kalve, Mika Solomon, Marija Marcelionytė-Paliukė, Patrizio Volpini, Elīna Zunde.
The workshop was supported by VDA Erasmus+