Holders of Master‘s degree in Graphics can work as illustrators, as book artists with publishing houses, be employed with the design, printing and advertising agencies, filling in positions of creative staff, of art directors, as idea generators and realizers of concrete work; they can take part in and organize all kind of art projects, curate exhibitions, serve as members and experts on commissions and boards, run private art enterprises, pursue individual artistic careers, take part in Lithuanian and international art exhibitions and competitions.

The aim of the MA degree studies in Graphics is the development of a creative, analytically reasoning, researching and reflecting, professional graphic artist capable of creating, totally independently, in a unique way, graphic artwork of relevance and with a sense of context utilizing traditional and/or advanced technologies; to develop a creator shaping his/her unique artistic style and creative thinking consciously and purposefully, a person with a civil position, capable to apply innovation in artistic practice, expanding the field of expression of graphic art, ready to enter, with her/his artistic creation, the diverse and constantly changing national and international scene of the contemporary art .