Photography project "I Can Hear You Well, but I See You Badly”

By Kotryna Mauragytė (VAA Photography and Media Arts, I year) and Eva Rodz (VAA Animation, I year) 


“We used web cam to create photos also tried to experiment with that. The idea arose because of isolation.”  

People especially in a current situation with the help of the internet unfortunately only can hear each other, but really do not see or feel the real emotions, lose a lively contact and feel lonely. 

“I will admit, it was weird to take pictures without a live contact with a model, but apparently somewhere connected to the screen. There were endless glitches, the computer crashed the image also, but exactly those imperfections made the whole process extremely fun. Eva needed to find a place which would replace the studio. She balanced her computer on the books, on the chair ... Household things (glasses, bottle with water) came to help with this photo shoot and in our opinion it really worked well. Oh, while we were taking pictures, Eva took the computer outside and posed inside the window to get even more of the “incarceration' effect.” – Kotryna.

 “It was very strange for me as a model to have such an experience. You don't even understand how pictures are going on, you don't know exactly where you were looking at and what you were doing then. I felt pressure because I was used to working in a completely different way, but I found it very interesting, even after all in photo edit process, I realized that this photo shoot in the modern context meant more than it initially seemed.” – Eva. 

All in all, the results of our work are visible in the photos. After them, we started thinking about how this whole world situation had limited people, but at the same time forced them to find inventively other ways to "touch" each other. We do not know how others feel, but for us it is brutally difficult without contact. Watching all the time stuff on the phone, these infinitely moving images, studying. In addition, time began to run somehow extremely fast. So, this photo shoot like a lack of “life”, when you are trying not to close under the glass, but vice versa, to find the ways to keep in touch.

Idea: Eva Rodz 
Photograph: Kotryna Mauragyte 
Model: Eva Rodz 
Photo edit: Kotryna Mauragyte, Eva Rodz 
Text: Eva Rodz, Kotryna Mauragyte

More about the project: 

Photo gallery 

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