Virtual exhibition 

Žilvinas Bražukas | Home Alone and a Cat

(What can be done when there’s nothing to do? Something must be done)

Organizer: VAA gallery "Akademija"

I would like to remind you all, that it’s not the greatest time to open an exhibition  - q u a r a n t i n e happened. The visuals and the concept of the exhibition were supposed to be different, but because of the current situation, it felt right to adjust it a little bit.
In November 2019 I had an opportunity to spend two weeks home alone with a cat named Kiškis. The event of  "Inktober" on Instagram had just ended, so I had been inspired to continue creating something new. I’ve decided that it would be pretty interesting to make a series of daily photos of me and the cat spending our time together and doing random activities. 
This creative idea turned out to be more difficult to accomplish than I expected. Firstly, because I had no previous experience with a photo camera kit. The truth is, I still have no true encounter with it, since my tools back then were out of quite meta to say the least: a bit broken, but still capable of operating smartphone Xiaomi Redmi-somewhat, a floor lamp whichs head tended to be always going down, and a handmade tripod/ex-easel. Also, my time schedule happened to be busy at that time so I had to work pretty fast – the whole preparation and the photo-shoot had to be done in about 2-3 hours after my work.  
Finally, it’s time to mention the elephant in the room: having a cat to stay calmly in front of a camera with a ticking timer is a pretty unfavourable, yet still possible task. Even small bugs managed to act in V. Starevičius films, so Kiškis shouldn’t be any worse here. I must say that he even enjoyed it – of course that’s more entertaining than sleeping all day or trying to catch a string. When the heart burns with desire, everything is possible.
In the end, the most important thing is doing something, right?
So let’s watch and enjoy this virtual exhibition, everybody, treat yourself to a glass of wine. After all, it might have something to do with art. 

Žilvinas Bražukas

Virtual exhibition

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