Who can submit? 

All VAA departments and divisions (galleries, etc.), students and employees can propose their virtual, digital projects at any time. Cultural events, taking place at Vilnius Academy of Arts, can be followed in this virtual space. Virtual exhibitions of artists (as well as guest artists) and students, videos, photo galleries of ongoing and past exhibitions at the galleries, student final BA/MA projects, video interviews, etc. can be presented here. 

How to submit?

If you want to contact the editor, please write to: justina.grazyte@vda.lt 

If you want to submit a proposal for an exhibition or an event, please fill in the form below, or write to: justina.grazyte@vda.lt

Due to the high volume of submissions, we may not be able to respond to every message immediately - so please, be patient :) 

For submissions, please follow our guidelines:

If you are submitting a photo gallery of an actual exhibition or a video tour: 

  1. Documentation should contain installation views and images of individual works at the exhibition.
  2. Only good quality images (minimum 1000 px, maximum 72-150 dpi, maximum 1MB/file) should be submitted.
  3. If the exhibition contains video work, please send an active Youtube or Vimeo link to it.
  4. Please include: a short description of an exhibition in English (a few sentences with the basic information about the venue), additional links from press releases, names of the artists and art works, name of the venue, opening and closing dates etc.
  5. Photos should be sent via WeTransfer, Dropbox or Google disc link and added to the form below. 

If you are submitting a virtual tour or other digital projects, please fill in the form below and contact Justina Gražytė via email justina.grazyte@vda.lt for technical solutions.

Thank you!