Exhibition 'On Your Order' (Chronicles of an Ordinary Man) by Paulius Juška at the VAA gallery 'Akademija'

In my paintings, I combine separate fragments of reality, where the main character exists. This character is normally an ordinary human being. Usually it’s a concrete person, which I know myself or atleast have seen with my own eyes, a person, which interests me with his outer and inner qualities. 

Most offen my characters are weary, exhausted, tattered, near-naked, a little bit scared and confused on the inside. They are simple, ordinary, usual individuals – imperfect, unheroic, unsacred, rather profane. This type of people comforms by the rules and demands of mundane everyday life. The only way of existing, comprehensible by the ordinary human beeing, is the outer and visual state of this world. 

Paulius Juška 

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More about the artist: http://www.mmcentras.lt/authors/paulius-juska/70471