Exhibition "To Grow Silently" by Marija Sučilaitė and Urtė Bakaitė at the VAA gallery "Akademija". Exhibition was open from 30/6/2020-17/7/2020

Life in a frenzied world, flickering from a plethora of images which makes us less observant and more passive, urges us to turn back to nature and stop for a minute. At the exhibition "To Grow Silently" we display quiet and peaceful artworks which reflect the relationship between human and nature unfolding throughout the process of growth. 

At the first part of the exhibition we offer the viewer to take a look at the swamp - a unique space in nature, unhindered by borders, unmanipulable and undifferentiatable from other ecosystems. Difficult to control, mutating and contradictory, the swamp liberates our imagination which is so vulnerable to change. The soothing and hypnotic images pull us in, leaving us in the space between the visible and invisible. The swamp is our natural singularity, while at the same time is a state wherein we lose our sense of stability and end up face to face with the unknown. Liberating ourselves from reality while nonetheless remaining true to ourselves, we can reinvent, reconstruct ourselves. Analyzing this natural and philosophical phenomenon, we discover the printmaking process, which integrates the existential laws of the swamp: layering, conservation, filtering and the communality of intricate details and larger expanses. Through our work, which requires tremendous patience and devotion, we impart meaning onto this period of refashioning. Large format linocuts urge the viewer to become aware of their personal relationship with the surfaces and depths of the swamp.

The second part of the exhibition invites the viewer to visit the rising private garden. The existence of a contemplative natural medium conditioned by the natural resources, light and human touch, combines casual everyday life and spiritual longing. Being in the garden is inseparable from the long observation of vegetation and waiting of growth. Every year renewing plants also evoke memories, thus reminding us of the possibility to rethink the history and family relationships, the principles of growth and continuity. Vegetative cycles which recur but never stop spinning give a meaning to a personal growth as a relentless change.

Working together in a pair has many advantages. One of them is - a commitment, which, although sounds contraversial in an independent artist’s context, is a lead of trust guaranteeing interesting work and continuous sharing of experience. We have been sharing many things together for a long time - 14 years already, during which we were constantly mixed up by the others because of some physical similarities, which were probably partly determined by the time we spent together learning and working, traveling or relaxing on the beach. Time is very important in our artworks - as part of a process, as an investment in a friendship and in a seak for common goals. Our goal is very simple - to see the world a better, more beautiful place to live. That is why we slowly and meditatively create prints, while the rest of the world is in a rush making endless amounts of new images. 

These two young generation artists, born in 1995, Marija Sučilaitė and Urtė Bakaitė were together studying at the National M. K. Čiurlionis School of Art and Vilnius Academy of Arts, Graphic Art Department, in 2018 received a Bachelor degree of Fine Arts.

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Photos: Saulė Marija Rimkevičiūtė, Marija Sučilaitė and Gediminas Jasinskas