Seminar about Art Market

2016 December 2nd, 12:00

Maironio str. 6, Vilnius Academy of Arts, Gothic hall

Seminar will be held in English.

The seminar deals with a range of questions and topics related to entering the art market as a young professional artist. How and where to sell your works? How to get the pricing right? What kind of legal questions are there to pay attention to (different types of contracts, intellectual property rights)? How to market yourself as an artist without crossing the line of becoming too commercialised? The seminar also discusses the art market in Estonia and related opportunities for the audience.

Andra Orn and Kadri Uus are the founders of the platform for contemporary art that aims to fill in a gap in the regional art scene by making our professional contemporary art more accessible to wider audiences. Having started from Estonia, the goal is to engage artists from other Baltic States and Finland in the near future. More than 100 established artists have joined the platform already – along them, NOAR also wants to provide opportunities for emerging talents among the art students from the region. Before founding NOAR, Andra Orn was one of the owners and a gallerist at Tam Gallery, Tallinn, and Kadri Uus was focused on coordinating various large-scale international development projects.