ELIA EDI Platform Meeting 2024: taking space - making space | at VDA Nida Art Colony

Nida Art Colony of Vilnius Academy of Arts is hosting the first ELIA Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity (EDI) Platform Meeting organised by the ELIA’s EDI Working Group with participation of anthropologist, psychologist, and educator Aminata Cairo as main speaker, and ELIA members from all artistic disciplines and designations to engage with issues of equity, diversity and inclusivity in Higher Arts Education.

The way in which we navigate space(s) is inevitably connected to existing power structures and societal agreements that are performed and enacted by all of us. Spaces form and define our movements and interactions.

Under the theme: taking space – making space, ELIA’s EDI Working Group invites to engage with questions of who, historically, has taken space, who has been denied space, and who is creating space in higher arts education today? Through which frame do we perceive the space we’re in? As faculty, artists, administrative staff and students from different backgrounds and disciplines, how do we navigate and situate ourselves in spaces, within and around our art academies?

Besides the workshop and reflection sessions by Aminata Cairo, the 2-day gathering is formed by 14 workshops and contributions developed and proposed by:   

Érica Faleiro Rodrigues
Lusófona University, European Alliance FilmEU, Portugal

Pratāp Rughani
University of the Arts London, United Kingdom

Zoë PoluchMarit Shirin Carolasdotter
Stockholm University of the Arts, Sweden

Silvia Ferrando Luquin
Institut del teatre de Barcelona, Spain

Ruth Mateus-BerrPia ScharlerLisa Kielmeier & Alexandra Andrea Rusz
University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria

Katja Thomson
Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland

Carolina Vasilikou
Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester School of Art, United Kingdom

Rosa te VeldePaulina Mendez
Amsterdam University of the Arts, the Netherlands

Sunedria Nicholls-Gärtner
ifs internationale filmschule köln, Germany

Rosie NicholasW. Victoria Lee
The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art, United Kingdom

Nona SadeyMagda Thielemans
Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp & Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, Belgium

Ronen Abas
HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, the Netherlands

Alessia Cargnelli
National College of Art & Design Dublin, Ireland

Stefanie Rau
weißensee school of art and design, Germany

The evening programme includes a dance ritual performance by the inclusive theater/performance group GRIESSNER STADL with Lebenshilfe Murau and the University of Applied Arts Vienna with Ruth Mateus-Berr, Alexandra Leitgeb, Anita Winkler, Marina Trippl, Nici Daros, Tamara Hotter, Andreas Oberweger, Daniel Wiedemaier, Ferdinand Nagele, Gerhard Url, Gert Engelbrecht, Manfred Daros, Philipp Rirsch & Simon Angermann.

Full Programme of the Platform Meeting 2024

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