On 4 December 2023 at 12:30 prof. Timothy Frerichs (The State University of New York at Fredonia, USA) will give an open lecture "Timothy Frerichs, Artist Books - Material as Content"

Professor Timothy Frerichs - has been teaching artist book art and estamp for many years at New York State University at Fredonia and lectures and conducts creative workshops at universities around the world. Prof. T. Frerichs is an educated and intellectual artist who has held many personal exhibitions, participated in international art projects, and has been awarded prizes and scholarships. In art projects, "artist's books" or with the estamp - he perfectly combines conceptuality with the use and connection of different materials, such as metal, stone, shadow, handmade paper, different printing methods, etc. to materialize the idea of the work.

The "Artist's Book" can be found at all major world exhibitions, including the Venice Biennale of Art and Architecture. It is an interdisciplinary art that combines conceptualism and handwork.

Prof. Timothy Frerichs' statement about one of his artistic projects:

Navigation – is a practice of constantly evaluating a trajectory (guided by past and current cultural technological approaches) while adapting to a moving “ground”. It must be understood that engaging a navigation process transforms the ground on which it operates. For Navigation, using referenced and recognized landmarks is a necessary strategy for attempting to engage and understand the abstract.

I have been using the Navigation process for art making during the majority of my professional career. This manifests in work engaging a variety of media, imagery, and layered approaches. My goal is to visually connect various established representation forms and philosophical approaches. My curiosity in knowledge formation processes drives my conceptual framework.  In particular, I enjoy investigating how culturally accepted concepts evolved, have become mainstream, and influence the world we habitat. I strive to create a visual dialogue examining how imaging, collection systems, and mapping processes (whether scientific or cultural), represent our perceptions of the natural world. I am especially interested in how these combined perceptions influence our interactions and their intentional and unintentional impact on the world.  

The drawing process is a vital tool for investigation, idea generation, and knowledge formation. As such, drawing is an underlying structure and vehicle for my work. The modern, scientific processes of mapping, griding, and layout schematics heavily influence my resulting formal image area and composition. Responsible practice, material selection, and context is reflected in the physical quality and overall content.

Project sponsor: Education Exchanges Support Foundation, Vilnius Academy of Arts
Project curator: Prof. Kęstutis Vasiliūnas, Graphic Art department