A call to register. 21st Theoretical seminar&Critical meeting

Theoretical Seminar & Critical Meeting
Visual Art and Design MA and Art PhD students

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October 13-14th, 1:00 pm. Malunu st. 3 (VDA C1 building), 102 room.

Jan Bäcklund, associate professor of art theory and art history The Royal Academy of Fine Arts

Recent published works treat issues like paradoxes with the concept of "the readymade," philosophical and art historical consequences with art forgery, and the intricate relation between image and index since modernism. 

Since 2011 professor has been especially occupied by the question of 'contingent pasts' and 'perfective futures' in relation to the present crisis for any history of art. 

All Seminars, presentations and discussions are held in English and moderated by prof. Henrik B. Andersen.

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