This year November 10-12, Vilnius Academy of Arts hosted the teachers of the strategic partnership project “Plastic Justice” (2020-2022) from the institutions of the project partners (Central St. Martins, UAL; Elisava, Barcelona; Iceland Academy of Arts, Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, Netherlands and VDA Department of Graphic Design) to develop guidelines for the ‘Teacher’s Guide’, ie to define thematic and methodological approaches for the pollution of plastics (more specifically microplastics) in water, air, soil and the human body. This is one of the intellectual products that will be developed during the project. The previous activities of the project were reviewed, the structure of the “Teacher's Guide” was discussed, and the optimal structure of the document was sought.

A visit to Plasta, one of the largest plastics recycling companies in Eastern Europe, was included in the meeting program.

It was decided to hold another meeting in February next year in Barcelona and involve not only lecturers but also 5 students from each institution.