At the Vilnius Book Fair '24, the Graphic Design Department of the Vilnius Academy of Art will present an interactive one-piece picture book "A Dive into Mythology" with an augmented reality function. Visitors to the exhibition in the Young Readers' Hall 4 will be able to scan the book's flaps and see dynamic augmented reality images and sounds with the help of volunteers after downloading the free ARTIVIVE app on their smart devices. The book flaps were created by an international group of students participating in the DIMY-MYDI International Mythology Project workshop in Vilnius. 

The origins, process and results of the book's creation in the context of Lithuanian mythology will be presented on 25 February at 12.00. 1.3 Conference room. Participants: Dr. Libertas Klimka, Dr. Ignas Šatkauskas, doc. Marius Žalneravičius and prof. Aušra Lisauskienė.