Programme code


Qalification degree

Bachelor of Arts

Level of qualification

University studies, First cycle, undergraduate (Bachelor)

Mode of study

Full-time, 4 years, 240 credits


The BA programme of Site-specific art aims to provide necessary knowledge and skills and through humanitarian university education foster professional skills, ability to apply knowledge in the future, as in individual, so in collective activities, also to give opportunities to continue studies in the second and third study cycles.

Profile of study programme

BA programme of Site-specific art provides qualified professional preparation, humanitarian education, to foster independently thinking, creative artists who understand their and society's needs, are able to blend into cultural and intellectual life. The graduates are able to do creative and practical work individually or guided by experienced artists, architects.

Occupational profiles of graduates

Graduates of the program will be able to use classical and modern wall painting, stained glass, easel painting techniques in both modern architectural spaces and heritage objects, engage in individual artistic creative activities, participate in national and international exhibitions, projects (stained glass, mosaics, paintings, drawings, etc.). / competitions / symposiums), to continue studies in the second cycle of studies.

Study programme coordinator and study organization department

Assoc. Prof. Žydrūnas Mirinavičius
Vilnius faculty, Department of Site-Specific Art and Scenography

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