Programme code 


Qualification degree

Bachelor of Arts

Level of qualification                

University studies, First cycle, undergraduate (Bachelor)

Mode of study

Full-time, 4 years, 240 credits


To develop educated personalities, receptive to art, science and culture, to form their creative thinking, to provide knowledge and practical skills of rare specialties - artistic jewellery and metal art - enabling them to express themselves in the highest quality artistic creation in Lithuania and the world.

Profile of study programme

METAL ART AND JEWELRY is the only bachelor's study program in Lithuania that educates creators of contemporary jewellery, medals, small, sculptural and architectural metal art objects. It is performed at the Telšiai Faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts and corresponds to European art and science trends. The university-based program, together with general competencies, provides knowledge about world art heritage, contemporary artistic and cultural processes, economics and entrepreneurship. Specialty classes include theoretical and practical cognition of creativity: visual expression, design and implementation of jewellery, medals, various blacksmithing, contemporary metal art objects based on the combination of conceptuality and manual creation. As digital innovations increasingly integrate into the creative industries, these studios of metal art and jewelry seek a balance with classical technologies with deep traditions and unique value. Studies are carried out consistently: in the first courses the specialty is introduced, the basics of theory, composition, visual expression media, metal technologies are provided, the basic skills of design, hand and instrumental work are developed. Later, the tasks become more complicated, from the creation of individual functional and conceptual objects to the ability to research the problems of the task, to create works for a certain environment, author's collections. Students present their creative projects to the academic community. The bachelor's diploma work represents the study results, it is presented in a public defence and evaluated by a competent commission. Throughout the study process, the individual creative potential and authorial style of each personality is respected. In addition, the study program conducts national and international creative workshops, organizes exhibitions in regions, prestigious spaces in Lithuania and abroad, students, graduates and lecturers participate in international projects, has won awards and recognition. Graduates with this Bachelor of Arts qualification can carry out individual creative activities, work in various jewellery, blacksmithing, sculpture, medallion workshops, art and design companies, initiate and carry out art projects. Also to continue studies in the second cycle of university studies.

Occupational profiles of graduates

Graduates with a bachelor's degree in art can carry out individual and team creative activities in professional jewellery, blacksmithing, sculpture, medallion workshops, work as specialists in companies of a similar profile, establish their own companies, work in private and state cultural institutions, initiate and carry out art projects, continue studies in the second cycle of university studies.

Study programme coordinator and study organization department

Assoc. prof. Laima Kėrienė
Telšiai faculty, Department of Smithery and Jewellery

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