It is the only university type bachelor programme in Lithuania that helps to integrate animation technologies into artistic creation and influences processes in national culture. Animation bachelor study programme includes collaboration with other Lithuania and foreign universities, Lithuania animation studios, exhibition curators; theoretical and practical seminars and international students' symposiums are organized. The artists, who are animation programme graduates, create contemporary animation that maintains its functional purpose to satisfy aesthetical and functional needs of society, or emphasizing their exceptional creative expression integrate into contemporary art arena.

Graduates have to be able to define the field of their creative interests, formulate creative interests and reasonably choose the means of expression in implementation of their creative ideas. Graduates should ground used means of expression, be able to critically analyse their creation in the context of contemporary art, pass on the information to the specialists of animation and wider interested audience. They are to have career management and learning skills to study independently. In the process of studies the difficulty of formulated tasks is consistently adjusted to relevant animation technologies. Art theory and practice are studied and seeking professionalism, animation works are performed.

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