Programme code


Qalification degree

Bachelor of Arts

Level of qualification

University studies, First cycle, undergraduate (Bachelor)

Mode of study

Full-time, 4 years, 240 credits


The Bachelor study programme of interior design is to prepare interior design specialists, able to professionally work in the area of interior.

Profile of study programme

The Bachelor study programme of interior design is to prepare interior designers that have acquired the basics of interior design, architecture and fine art, essential historical characteristics of cultural development, are able to apply cutting-edge achievements and select proper methods in initiating, organizing and managing creative projects, working individually or in a team, i.e. to create independently - design and implement creative ideas by applying speciality and other methods of self-expression in evaluating, interpreting, analyzing and influencing processes of their speciality, their place in general cultural context. Candidates to the interior design study programme have to match the contest provisions. (General admission The basis of speciality - the block of designing and assignments parallel to the speciality - is consecutively carried out according to the problem-oriented principle, i.e. gradually the scope of problems and tasks increases and conceptual side of the problem deepens. Students get basic knowledge of designing, finishing materials and technologies, lighting technique, constructional physics. During studies students also study the basics of visual expression means and general university subjects: art history, philosophy, psychology, social communication, related technical subjects, foreign languages. The programme involves interactive study methods, forms skills of critical thinking and reflection, representation. There are possibilities in collaboration with social partners to try out specificity of team work, gain experience of presenting to specialist and non-specialist audiences in verbal or written form. Students develop self-study skills and learn to plan the learning process, understand moral responsibility for their activities. After graduation from interior design Bachelor programme, graduates are able to execute individual creative activity or work in a team by creating interiors and related objects, participate in local and international projects, work as qualified consultants/project makers for specialized firms in spheres of furniture and furniture equipment, lighting, finishing materials and equipment, use acquired universal artistic skills in collaboration with specialists of scenography in theatre, cinema, television, show business or continue studies in Master programme.

Occupational profiles of graduates

The Bachelor programme of interior design ensures graduates' professional readiness for independent creative activity in the area of interior, it gives a possibility to blend into creative process in the team of architecture and (or) design. Well-rounded artistic university education provides opportunities for collaboration in other spheres of artistic activities.

Study programme coordinator and study organization department

Assoc. Prof. Rokas Kilčiauskas
Vilnius faculty, Department of Interior Design

Assoc. Prof. Tomas Kuleša
Kaunas faculty, Department of Architecture

Assoc. Prof. Saulius Jusionis
Klaipėda faculty

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