Institute of Art Research

Assoc. prof. Dr. Rasa Butvilaitė 


Researcher in architecture

Research interests: History and theory of Lithuanian architecture, manor culture.

b. 1971, Vilnius; lives and works in Vilnius. Since 1994 has been with VAA Institute of Art Research, since 2002 as a Senior Researcher.

1994 graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts with a degree in art history. 2002 defended her PhD thesis in art criticism “Architectural Studies in Lithuania from the 18th to the mid-19th century” (supervisor Prof. Dr. Algimantas Mačiulis) at VAA.

1992–1993 worked as a laboratory assistant in the Department of the History of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania at the Lithuanian Institute of History. 1992–1994 was a Head of the VAA museum. 1997–2009 lectured in the Department of General History of the former Vilnius Pedagogical University. 2002–2005 was a Head of the Department for Doctoral and Art Licentiate studies at VAA. 2007–2008 edited a column in DEKO, a magazine on interior.

Since 1997 has been giving lectures on history of art and architecture, architecture research and modern architecture theories for BA and MA students of VAA. Since 2006 has participated in doctoral studies process at VAA. 2010–2011 participated in the project “Updating Tier I Study Programmes of Visual and Applied Arts and Art Research of Vilnius Academy of Arts” funded by the EU.

Since 1995 a member of the Lithuanian Association of Art Historians, since 2010 a member of the Lithuanian National Committee for ICOMOS.