Institute of Art Research

Dr. Marius Iršėnas


Art historian

Research interests: Prehistoric art in the Baltic region.

b. 1970, Panevėžys; lives and works in Vilnius. Since 2002 has been with VAA Institute of Art Research, since 2008 as a Senior Researcher. 1997 graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts with MA in art criticism. 2003 defended his PhD thesis in art criticism “Anthropomorphic and Zoomorphic Images in Stone Age Baltic Region and European Russia: Quantitative and Qualitative Characteristics, Dissemination and Features” (supervisor Prof. Dr. Adomas Butrimas).

Since 1998 has lectured on Western art history and Baltic archaeology at VAA. Since 2008 is a director of Vilnius Academy of Arts publishing house, since 2014 Vice-Rector for Education at VAA.

Iršėnas is interests in visualizing cultural heritage, participates in cultural heritage promotion projects by publishing widely, making databases, curating museum expositions. Since 2003 a member of the Lithuanian Association of Art Historians.