Institute of Art Research

Dr. Lina Michelkevičė


Art researcher, translator

Research interests: participatory and collaborative practices, performance, art education, communities.

b. 1983, Vilnius. 2005 graduated from Vilnius University with BA in Lithuanian philology and Finnish; 2007 MA in semiotics from A. J. Greimas Centre of Semiotics and Literary Theory at Vilnius University; 2014 defended her PhD theses in art criticism “Participatory Practices in Lithuanian Contemporary Art: The Problem of Criteria for Analysis and Evaluation” (supervisor dr. Skaidra Trilupaitytė).

Since 2014 has worked as a researcher at the VAA Institute of Art Research. 2005–2009 contributed to, a journal on media culture, since 2005 has worked as a translator from Finnish and English and participated in interdisciplinary cultural, research and publishing projects. A member of Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association.