Institute of Art Research

Prof. Dr. Adomas Butrimas


Art historian, archaeologist

Research interests: art history, archaeology, prehistoric art, Lithuanian history.

b. 1955, Telšiai; lives and works in Vilnius. Since 1998 has been with VAA Institute of Art Research, since 2004 as a Principal Researcher.

1978 graduated from the Faculty of History of Vilnius University with a degree in archaeology. 1985 defended his PhD thesis in art history “Late Neolithic Age in Upland Samogitia” (supervisor Habil. dr. Rimutė Rimantienė). 1975–1986 worked as a research fellow in the Archaeology Department of the Museum of History and Ethnography Lithuania. 1986 started working at Vilnius Academy of Arts, became a Senior Lecturer of the Department of Art History and Theory, since 2002 a Professor. Since 1991 was a Vice-Rector for Education and Art at VAA; 2004–2011 a Rector of VAA, 2011–2014 a Vice-Rector for Education. Initiated the founding of the VAA Publishing House, Department of Doctoral Studies (1993) and Institute of Art Research (1994).

Since 1986 has lectured on Western art history and Baltic archaeology at VAA. Is a member of two doctoral committees, has supervised and reviewed numerous doctoral theses. Organizes international conferences, edits publications on Baltic amber, prehistoric art, and archaeology. He is the author of concept and design of archaeology expositions at Mažeikiai Museum and the Samogitian Museum Alka (2011–2014) and the editor-in-chief of the peer-reviewed journal “Acta Academiae Artium Vilnensis” and the publication series “Past of Samogitians”.

2008 became a Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau (Netherlands), 2011 was awarded the Cross of Recognition Latvia, 2014 the Order for Merits to Lithuania (Knight’s cross). 2009 was declared the Man of the Year in Design. A co-founder of the Samogitian Cultural Association and Samogitian Academy. 2008 was awarded the Samogitian Star of Honour (the order of Samogitian municipalities). Since 2013 a honorary citizen of Telšiai.