The Exhibition Halls “Titanikas” (hereinafter – the Halls) of Vilnius Academy of Arts (hereinafter – the Academy) sets out the procedure for developing an annual exhibition plan as well as organising and displaying exhibitions at the Halls.

The Halls (located at Maironio st. 3, LT - 01124 Vilnius) host the exhibitions of the works of the Academy’s teachers, students and graduates, Bachelor’s and Master’s final degree projects, the exhibitions of art creators, the displays of the collections held by the Academy’s Museum and other museums, the exhibitions of fine art, design, architecture, photography and media arts of Lithuanian and foreign artists. The Halls also host workshops, seminars, conferences and other art and cultural events that are in line with the Academy’s goals and functions.

The exhibitions hosted in the Halls are organised in accordance with the Academy’s Statute, the Senate’s and the Rector’s decrees, the provisions of the Museum of the Academy and the present Terms and Conditions.


The exhibitions are hosted in the Halls in accordance with the annual (calendar) exhibition plan.

The exhibition organiser (the Academy’s unit, an artists’ union, art or educational institutions or other establishments, art creators, etc.), the exhibition curator or the exhibition author shall submit an application for organising an exhibition to the Academy’s Museum (Maironio st. 6, LT-01124 Vilnius); email address:

Applications for the coming calendar year are to be submitted when the VDA exhibition halls "Titanikas" announces a call for exhibitions, usually in October.


  • The title, content and nature of the exhibition (up to 150 words);
  • A person or an institution responsible for organising or curating the exhibition as well as their contact details;
  • The scope of the exhibition (participants, approximate number of works to be exhibited), required exhibition area (halls on the 1st or 2nd floor) and the desired duration of the exhibition;
  • Technical tools and equipment to be used for the exhibition;
  • Exhibition sponsors and partners (if any).
  • The application (to be sent by email or submitted to the Academy’s Museum) must be accompanied by the visual materials (CDs, DVDs, catalogues, etc.) that reflect the content and nature of the exhibition. The application must state that the applicant is familiar with the Terms and Conditions that apply to the exhibitions held in the Halls.


The following weekly fees for the use of the Exhibition Halls “Titanikas” are charged for the operating and maintenance costs as from 1 January 2015 (in euros including VAT):

1st floor hall: €120 per week;
2nd floor hall: € 200 per week.

The rates for the use of exhibition spaces of different size are subject to revision. After obtaining permission to organise an exhibition, the exhibition organisers shall pay the operating and maintenance costs against the invoice issued by the Academy.

The fees shall not be applied to the exhibitions of the academic units of Vilnius Academy of Arts, the exhibitions of the works of the Academy’s teachers or students of all levels as well as the exhibitions that are in line with the goals of the Academy’s studies and artistic activities.

The Museum shall establish the opening hours and the internal rules of procedure of the exhibitions.


The Council of the Museum of the Academy (hereinafter – the Council) shall examine the applications and select the exhibitions that meet the eligibility criteria. The Council shall act in accordance with the Council Regulations approved by the Rector of the Academy.

The Council Meeting for examining the applications shall be convened no later within 10 calendar days from the end of submission of applications.

The Council shall examine all the applications submitted by the prescribed deadline. Applications submitted after the application deadline will not be considered. The Council shall have the right to refuse to examine the applications that do not meet the requirements of these Terms and Conditions. The Academy’s Museum shall develop an annual exhibition plan based on the exhibitions selected by the Council.

Exhibition organisers and curators shall be notified about the exhibitions that have been included in the exhibition plan.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the Academy’s Museum shall have the right to change the annual exhibition plan and the dates of the exhibitions accordingly. The Academy’s Museum shall give an advance notice of any changes to the exhibition organiser (or curator), the Academy’s Vice-Rector for Arts and the Chair of the Council.

The Council shall not give reasons for its decisions not to include certain exhibitions in the annual exhibition plan.


The exhibitions shall be hosted in the Exhibition Halls “Titanikas” of Vilnius Academy of Arts.

The exhibition organiser or the exhibition curator shall be responsible for the timely provision of works and all necessary material about the exhibition to the Academy’s Museum.

The exhibitions shall be deemed eligible to be displayed after receiving a list of exhibits (catalogue data) signed by the exhibition organiser or curator. The Museum and the exhibition organiser (curator) shall sign a receipt and delivery document for the exhibits to be displayed at the exhibition.

Following the end of the exhibition, its organiser or curator (as well as its authors) must remove their exhibits from the Halls no later than within five business days from the date of closing the exhibition. The Museum shall not be responsible for the exhibits that were not removed in a timely manner.

The exhibits delivered for the exhibition must be properly prepared to be displayed at the exhibition. The works that do not possess elements necessary for the display, the works that do not have a certificate of authenticity or those in improper condition or otherwise defective shall not be accepted. The Academy’s Museum shall also have the right to refuse to exhibit the works if the display of these works may present technical risks.

The oversight and safety of the exhibits from the moment they are accepted to the moment they are removed by the date set out in the Terms and Conditions shall be the responsibility of the Museum of the Academy. In case of any loss of or damage to the exhibit at the time of the exhibition, the procedure set forth in paragraph 11.3.7 of the Regulations of the Academy’s Museum must be followed.

The equipment and technical tools supplied by the Museum or the exhibition organiser (curator) may be used for the display of the exhibits.

For the purpose of the exhibition, the exhibition organisers are strictly prohibited from using exhibit installation or labelling materials that may cause physical damage to the walls of the Halls or the inventory used.

The exhibitions that have been included in the annual exhibition plan may be cancelled at the initiative of the exhibition organiser (or curator/author). The Academy’s Museum must be given at least three months’ cancellation notice before the planned exhibition opening date. If the exhibition organiser (curator/author) fails to notify the Academy’s Museum of any cancellations, they will not be eligible to organise a subsequent exhibition in the Halls for the period of two years.


The exhibition application shall be kept at the Academy’s Museum until the planned exhibition closing date.
These Terms and Conditions may be modified or revised in accordance with the procedure set forth in the Academy’s Statute.