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 1st floor


 2nd floor

16 December –
15 January

Fashion design stories
VAA Department
of Fashion Design
1991 – 2021

/ fashion design



20 Januray –
5 February

The Smell of the Earth
Ieva Bertašiūtė-Grosbaha
/ ceramics

11 January –
5 February

380 B.C.
Kipras Černiauskas ir
Martynas Pekarskas

10 February –
19 March

Pastoral. The Pastures of Kites
Dovilė Bagdonaitė

9 February –
19 March

Intertwinings and interactions
Exhibition of graphics
by four Academies

8-30 April Let me see your throat
Eglė Grėbliauskaitė

31 March 
23 April


Exhibition to support Ukraine

7-18 May 1982
Paintings from VAA Museum

 28 April –
14 May

 Vladas Juodagalvis

23-29 May

VAA Design Department
23-29 May

VAA Design Department

23 May 
17 June

Bachelor and Master's defenses

23 May 
17 June

Bachelor and Master's defenses

30 June 
30 July

Joung Painter's Prize 30 June 
30 July
Exhibition of VAA graduates' final works



1 September

Rodion Petrov
Group exhibition

1 September The World through the Eyes of Suwalki
 Valentinas Antanavičius


Dialogue de sourds
Gauthier Hubert
& Gudny Rósa 

October Bright stories
VAA Department of Site-specific Art 
and Scenography


VAA and Lodz National
Film School


Where we are from, 
who we are, where we go
VAA Department of Painting


Mykolas Sauka December

Golden Art 2022
Meno Niša