Photography and Media Art | undergraduate | Vilnius

Exhibition "Famm.BA.MA 2021 What if?". Documented by: Arnas Anskaitis


Aistė Marija Stankevičiūtė, "A Catch", textile, embroidery, wooden structures
Tutor - Laura Stasiulytė Gudaitė

Danielius Marius Šermukšnis, “Local connection”, interactive installation: monitors, speakers, sensors
Tutor - Laura Stasiulytė Gudaitė 
In this interactive installation, I’m searching for the identity of an AI and am exploring its relationship with a human. The notion of ‘artificial intelligence' is becoming increasingly popular in the wide array of contexts of our contemporary world, but this ‘crea - ture’ remains mystified, while the potential of its presence and attentiveness remain largely underexplored. This is an attempt to imagine how AI would look and how it would respond if it was able to communicate in human language.

Deinora Rudėnaitė, "Anima", interactive installation; video projection, a water-containing object, ultrasound sensors, pumps, koshi bell
Tutor - prof. Artūras Raila
It is a tale about the things we feel rather than see -- Anima*.
I ask questions and give no answer. I allow myself not to know.
Spirits” (“Anima”) is based on myths, religion, tales and legends that live among us; from a world that rose from itself and the one we are part of.
They exist autonomously, and our presence makes them quiver. That is why, when being observed at the moments of quiet, Anima, makes everything stop for a split second.
I seek out the encounters between us and our Anima.
Anima is only a reflection of ideas and thoughts, which I expressed through a constantly changing medium -- water. Water becomes a medium for the sacred and intangible -- the things that disintegrate and starts to ripple when touched.
“To talk little is natural,” Laozi once said.
J. Lacan argues, that no one will ever experience us.
This is why I invite you to listen and experience the tale instead of naming it, and to raise the question together: what is the relation between contingency and me?
This is a piece that explores the highly personal states through our relation with and experiences of contingency;
The human believes in something and is looking for the images of that something. What will you find?
*The term anima originates from Latin, and was originally used for ‘breath’, ‘soul’, ‘spirit’ or ‘vital force’.


Gabrielė Oržekauskaitė, " Wellness tourism - S.V.B.E.E.V. (Si vales, Bene est, Ego valeo; If you are well, All is well, And I am well too) 
sculpture – ant farm
Tutor - prof. Artūras Raila
Something is moving behind the glass. Black and tiny dots tram - pling the 4000-year-old shape – the Cretan labyrinth. Inspired by nature and cosmos, it has been resurrected again to satisfy the needs of the restless fugueurs, and invite the banned ones for a profound walk.
The hotel garden features the labyrinth made of cladded stone. It is meant to attract yhr ‘wellness travellers’, they say. The ac - countancy is once again busy calculating the unis of serenity which they hide in their deep pockets.
An insignificant purchase from the office decor department. Now an ant farm is glittering on the writing desk surface, thor - oughly observed. Sanctity melts in time and turns into a tool for the production apparatus.
All that’s left is to finish the letter with the words: if you are well, all is well, and I am well too.

Greta Grajauskaitė, "Frequencies", Interactive installation; vacuum tube TV sets, microphone, contact microphones
Tutor - prof. Žilvinas Lilas
Inspired by the forms and movements of sound, I ask myself: what would sound look like if we were able to see it? Every event causes a vibration that spreads around the surrounding environment. The vibrating space thus can tell us a story. Based on various contingencies, this interactive installation invites the viewer to explore the story through sound.

Jokūbas Verbickas, "Cosmograph", installation: water pump, laboratory dish, magnet, ferrofluid, Raspberry Pi
Tutor - Laura Stasiulytė Gudaitė
Since the work of Newton and Einstein, the goal of physics was to find the mathematical principles foreseen by Kepler, from which it would be possible to create a single theory, equation, that would explain all the inner workings of the universe. In this artwork, a radio receiver picks up radio noise in real-time (which a part of it consists of cosmic background radiation), and is then algorithmically converted into various mathematical equations that are drawn on a graph. This way the universe it - self is drawing abstract visualized imitations of itself, which are based on our defined structure of our universe - equations and formulas. A process that happened somewhere deep within the universe, releases a burst of electromagnetic radiation, which finally reaches the antenna and is then interpreted visually in the artwork.

Lukas Keizikas, "Farm", video piece
Tutor - Irma Stanaitytė-Bazienė

Taking a glance at the everyday life of a remote farm.

Mantė Baranauskaitė, "Dustoids", mixed-media kinetic object (3D printed objects, sound, metal construction, control mechanism)
Tutor - Laura Stasiulytė-Gudaitė
As if defying the laws of gravitation, the dustoids float around the room. These are tiny flecks that had once been part of various cosmic visitors -- from those formed relatively recently to those that had witnessed the formation of our Solar System or even the places far beyond it. Our home is a slice of the oscillating space filled with the sonorous and vibrant specs of microscopic life. It is, first of all, a microcosmos -- the cradle of dreams where reality is being Gently nurtured, hypnotised and transformed by imagination. "Dustoids" comprises a collection of microscopic images of house dust which was digitised and turned into 3D objects.
The installation soundtrack is made of the domestic sounds that usually escape our attention (the crackling of potatoes in the oven, the peaceful murmur of a radiator). They turn into a soothing lullaby of imagination itself; its gentle song about the subjectivity of reality.


Miglė Markultytė, "In & out", "..."textual object and audiovisual installation, 13 min.
Tutor - Arturas Bukauskas 

Relying on the pure experience and the natural attitude, merging all the senses into a general experience, the world might appear quite clear and established. Yet, as soon as one directs their attention towards the perceptions and begins to observe how seeing or hearing happens, the perceived world starts to lose its stability. The meanings, so deliberately and carefully tailored, slips out of the objects, to which they were assigned. The world turns out to be not only what it seems, and therefore, a question then arises, how else could it be experienced? 

Ona Julija Steponaitytė, "The Big Mike", page from a magazine
Tutor - prof. Artūras Raila

Gossip is a perfume that brings out the odours of a busy city street. Imagine the city as a stage, and the passers-by, flowing around it in an improvised fashion. Our movements affect the movements taking place in front of us: I take a step to the left and thus affect someone else’s trajectory. Our perfume and cigarette odours merge in the air, a car rumbles by, gusts of warm air rise through the vent of the underground. She passes by -- we kissed at a party once -- I heard she lives nearby. Thought comes to mind: this city is a swamp with its actors shaping each other’s environments. We are interdependent, here the boundaries and categories are permeable, open-ended, unclear.

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