Photography and Media Art | undergraduate | Vilnius

Exhibition "Famm.BA2020: we discovered a secret". Documentation: Laurynas Skeisgiela and Paulius Žižliauskas

Agnė Masilionytė, "Valley", installation
Supervisor  doc. Laura Gudaitė
  Plastic grass shivers in the hot wind, nearby, in the bushes, growing on the asphalt, kittens slowly explode, one-winged butterflies sometimes fly over them - welcome to the Shifting Valleys.
Somewhere between reality and virtuality in a vibrant landscape, my archaeological research takes place in looking for the consequences of human activity. It is an opportunity to walk around hybridized "wastelands", in search of “beings” nestled somewhere between reality and imagination, digital and physical, organic and synthetic.

Gabija Pervanaitė, "m2", installation
Supervisor Eglė Vertelkaitė
  In between substance and force, one and many, distinctiveness and resemblance, time and space, mind and body, sky and land, in the unreal reality and in the unlikely probability.

Augustė Bendžinskaitė, "Hello Word", installation-hologram
Supervisor doc. Irma Stanaitytė
  To have a face is to exist. Creating your self-portrait is not only exposing your inner abilities of tool management, but also exposing your inner views and values. This portrait is the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) itself. It is conditioned by my own intention to expose its creative potential and share the fantasy about AI capabilities, about it becoming independent and the only creator of art, leaving humanity on the sidelines, in the position of just a spectator. This artwork is marking one’s continuous attempt to fit in the society, a wish to be better, to be “good enough”, and at the same time to build a positive and favorable personal image, which would allow one to compete in selected areas, as, for example, art field.

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Dominyka Balaišytė, "Module", VR installation
Supervisor doc. Laura Gudaitė
  Virtual reality is just another place of heterotopia as well as a tool to create such a realm. Objects, that surround us, affect the sensory system and guide our perceptual memory. They provide intuitive guidelines for the choreography of a particular place. Virtual materiality is questioned by digitally generated glass-like surface. Mass production of synthetic materials suddenly appears as a shift in perceiving beauty and innovation. Apparently fundamental elements of the building – doors and windows – lose their symbolic meaning and their boundaries merge. Three separate cylinders acquire one common centre, which synchronizes another three spinning elements, located in each cylinder – they reference the primary shape of the door. This way a decentered object – automated door – is no longer a transitional space between exterior and interior. For now, it becomes an autonomous place. Planimetric space turns into rhythmical stereometric labyrinth, which draws objects in to follow its rhythm.


Jaunius Načiučenka, "Larval entity”: hostage of the image quantity"
Supervisor prof. Žilvinas Lilas
  Unconscious and non-self-organizing subject is being observed. Its state of mind is connected to the abundance of impressive-looking content and loud headlines created by the flow of mass media. It is faster than observer's imagination, thus it influences attitudes, critical thinking and creativity. Based on deconstruction of the present image – the method of liberation from imposed forms of imagination used by F. Bacon in his paintings – the author dismantles existing mass media images and moves their three-dimensional figures into a screen culture and a medieval visually impressive and imaginative, stained-glass style-like space. The experience of observing the depth of dynamic space and objects could become an opportunity to encourage sensitized creativity and ask oneself questions about the quality and enduring value of the content that reaches the subject during the avalanche of data.

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Gintarė Rapševičiūtė, "EVO(BETWEEN NOON AND SUNSET)-LUTION", installation
Supervisor doc. Laura Gudaitė
  With interest in everyday artifacts, various technological inventions that are constantly being improved, I draw attention to the manifestations of the evolution of human tools and the transformations that have taken place. According to the dynamic integration of innovations and technologies in everyday life, I analyze the ongoing digitization processes and their impact on everyday objects, materials, tools and their experience. I am interested in Physical-digital, real-virtual change and the blurring of their boundaries in today's conditions. Using a daily tool - a simple pencil (BIC proprietary, called Evolution), I construct a metaphor for the transformations caused by the evolution and digitization of human tools, giving this tool a new “form", and the transformation process itself is at the center of the idea.


Paulius Žižliauskas, "Conditional accident", photography and drawings
Supervisor lect. Arnas Anskaitis
  Shadows projected by humans and objects, light streaks moving across the room at night, light projecting through every gap in the wall - these are images created by accidental apparatuses. In these images visual information of the scene is hidden and has never been seen before by humans. By using pinhole and anti-pinhole phenomena, I set out to find new and different ways of seeing. Without having access to newly created image decoding algorithms, I use photographs and pencil. By using scientific discoveries and my personal research, I’m trying to convey the accidental image experience to the viewer. In the end one thing is for certain - we live surrounded by accidental image apparatuses and their created projections, that are still unknown to the human eye.
Tatjana Frenkel, "[ɡrɐˈza]", performance
Supervisor lect. Arnas Anskaitis
  This is a performative lecture during which a sociopoetic manual is being taught, titled ANTI SELF-PERPETUATION TOOLKIT. It is about anti self-perpetuation instruments and terminology. Mental schemes, verbal construct, tornadoes. It is also about overinterpretation methods and voltage formula which the artist is creating Here and Now, using the principles of synecdoche.

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