Congratulations to the graduate students Saulė Kašėtaitė and Aurelija Slapšytė, whose diploma works won the final prizes in the Global Graphis New Talent Annual 2020 Awards.

Saulė Kašėtaitė diploma work, Speculative design project "The utopia of plant" (supervisor lect. M. Žalneravičius, 2019) has won a gold award in the ADVERTISING category.

Plant Utopia is a speculative design project revealing the vision of the future, in which nature will be replaced by perfected plant hybrids of our creation. The line between the nature world and high technology disappears. Humans take on the role of God and create new life forms from organic and mechanical materials.

Aurelija Slapšytė's diploma work for the Typographic project “Endangered Dunes” (supervisor prof. A. Lisauskienė, 2019) has won Honorable Mention Design Type Fonts in A-Z category.

The Endangered Dunes project is a journey trough slowly disintegrating dunes in Curonian Spit. During the project a special font was created which is just like the nature of Curonian spit is slowly disintegrating. Carefully created 122 versions of font are slowly disappearing while trying to download it. A responsible person’s choice can lead to longevity of the font as well as the conscious behaviour while visiting the unique cultural landscape of the Curonian Spit.