Borrowing items

Reader‘s services are regulated by „Naudojimosi VDA biblioteka taisyklės“, approved by the order of Vilnius academy of arts Rector 2011 09 30 d. Readers can get more information about service in VDA library. Users are served only with valid student or reader VDA certificates in these places:
• VDA library (general reading – room 3 f. 319 cab.). The online catalogue gives information on the loan period. It varies from one month (30 d.) to all semester; some items loan period can change. Items have to be requested via the VDA library online catalogue.
• Computer room. Work in the computer room and media library is regulated by „Naudojimosi VDA bibliotekos kompiuteriais, garso bei vaizdo aparatūra taisyklės“.
• Media library (3 f. 319 cab.) – DVD and CD are not for borrowing.
• Art reading – room (2 f. 208 cab.) – items are not for borrowing,
• Rare books reading – room (2 f. 207 cab.) – items are not for borrowing.
• Library of A. and A. Tamošaičiai (Domininkonų s. 15) – items are not for borrowing.

Returning items

Items in VDA library are borrowed for set loan period. Fines will be incurred for items that are returned or renewed late:
• 0.03 € per workday for one month or longer loan;
• 0.30 € per workday for shorter than one month loan;
• Fines are charged immediately an item is overdue and continues to increase until the item is returned;
• Charges and fines must be paid in bank transfers (VDA account LT 447300010002455498 AB „Swedbank“, bank code – 73000, the purpose of payment „for the library services “(it is necessary to specify);
• When charges and fines are over 5.80 € – readers cannot request and barrow items.
More information – „Atsiskaitymo su VDA biblioteka už prarastus arba laiku negrąžintus leidinius tvarka“

Charges for the VDA library services




Reader’s ticket for one year:    

• For students (without Lithuanian student identity card)
• For external users

1 1.50 €
Bibliographic lists 1 0.30 €
Bibliographic indexing, their editing   Negotiable
Bar code removed or damaged 1 0.60 €

Permission to copy , photograph or scan manuscripts and rare documents:


•  Scientific purposes
•  Commercial purposes


Permission to publish manuscripts and rare documents:


•  Scientific purposes
•  Commercial purposes

Permission to photograph and film for commercial purposes in library   Negotiable