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Until November 30th, VAA community has temporary access to Routledge Performance Archive audiovisual database.  Archive provides exclusive access to an unprecedented and continually expanding range of streamed video and audio footage from performance practitioners past and present paired with relevant critical commentary delivered directly to the classroom, rehearsal hall, library and desktop or digital device. Data contains more than 90 hours of various footage.  

The fully searchable and cross-referenced content is updated and added to every six months. 

„Routledge Performance Archive“ videopresentation

You might be interested in (remote access): 

  • Acting & Actor Training (Improvisation; Movement & Body Work; Psychophysical Acting) 
  • Comedy (Commedia dell’Arte; Dada; Street Theatre)
  • Dance (Carnival; Kathakali Dance Drama)
  • Form & Genre (Multimedia Theatre & Performance; Puppetry; Site-Specific Performance) 
  • Performance Art / Live Art & Performance (Body Art; Happenings; Installation Art) 
  • Political Theatre & Performance (Applied Theatre; Environmental Theatre) 
  • Popular Theatre & Performance (Protests, Demonstrations & Parades)
  • Theatre-Making & Processes (Masking & Body Adornment; Theatre History)

Access methods:

1. Free access from Vilnius Academy of Arts network.
2. From other networks (home) – via EZproxy.

If you have questions write an email to

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