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The Open Library of Humanities – Art and humanitarian research journals platform. You might be interested in: Architectural HistoriesBody, Space & TechnologyComics GridDigital MedievalistJournal of Embodied Research.  

Bloomsbury Open Access – more than 200 open access Bloomsbury press books on architecture, design, art and visual culture, humanitarian and social sciences disciplines. You might be interested in: Global Animation Theory: International Perspectives at Animafest ZagrebFashion, History, Museums: Inventing the Display of DressCulture, Democracy and the Right to Make Art: The British Community Arts Movement.    

Open Dissertations (EBSCO) – open and limited access 1,2 mln. theses from the USA, UK, Australia, Canada.

Project Management – short videos on project management.  Fistral Training and Consultancy recommends them for Ph.D. students and researchers.

Updated 05.14

Harvard University Online Courses – free Harvard university courses (necessary registration, fees for a sertificate). You might be interested in: The Architectural ImaginationPyramids of Giza: Ancient Egyptian Art and ArchaeologyCS50's Introduction to Game DevelopmentTangible Things.

International Journal of Education & the Arts – open-access education, visual arts, art theory, esthetics journal, Pennsylvania State University Press.

Updated 05.29

Equinox Journals – temporary access to newest Equinox Publishing research journals. You might be interested in: Body and ReligionFieldwork in ReligionImplicit ReligionJournal for the Study of Religion, Nature and CultureJournal of Skyscape Archaeology; Journal of Mediterranean ArchaeologyPomegranate: The International Journal of Pagan Studies.

Updated 08.21

Cambridge University Press Open Access – journals, books and other documents on history, archaeology, economy, psychology  and other sciences.

BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine) – 150 million publications, video and audio recordings, software and digital collections. 60 percent of indexed documents are open access. 

Updated 09.03

Artifact: Journal of Design Practice – open access journal published by "Intellect".  Artifact has focused on practice-based design research and aims to explore conditions, issues and tasks pertaining to design development in a broad sense.

Open Content on JSTOR – thousands of open access books and journals on art and other sciences in JSTOR database. 

Updated 09.10

Coursera – free internet courses until December 31st 2020. More than 4 000 various courses in English and Russian languages from world universities and colleges. Registration (Only your name and surname) by email until September 30th.
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