Valentina Černiauskaitė | Something big is what I’m after now

Valentina Černiauskaitė “Something big is what I’m after now”

2021 09 02 – 2021 09 18

The moment I am immersed into something, time does not bother me at all. Yet Time as such ceases to exist the very moment I start thinking of it. Whenever I think of it, there is nor a thought, neither the moment itself. Thus, Time may only be a field of interest to me if it is perceived as a game – a game of endless possibilities.
Following my recollections on Time I dwell in between fields of Buddhism, ever-expanding Universe and endless processes. In line with associative thinking, I depend upon permanent change and owing to cyanotype, stitching and sound, I proceed with my own game of possibilities, concluding in a book-map that consists of all the potential variations which may be revealed through the confrontation with the audience.


Opening of the exhibition will take place on the 2nd of September at 6 PM, Pilies st. 44, Vilnius.