The Realness of Reality | MA students of Visual Communication at Vilnius Academy of Arts
Opening of the exhibition – January 10th, 6 p.m.. 
The exhibition will be on display – January 10th – 25th.

„I can imagine that everything is a deceptive play of dreams, that there is no world, no God, that I
am something different from my body. But I can't think that I cannot think without actually
thinking." – René Descartes. 
The Realness of Reality - an exhibition exploring the simulation created by the reality principle in a
mediated world. The reflection of the existing reality in the works of the artists explores: cultural
simulacra, changing social values reflecting society, meanings and implications of the simulated
world. While searching for meaning, different media and technologies are used, which take the
viewer of the exhibition to the realness of reality, where the human being - the creator - becomes
the main subject. 
The technologies used are only a tool to convey the thoughts encoded in the subconscious. 
Answers to the question "What is real?" could be found in the exhibition of the second year Masters
students of Visual Communication at Vilnius Academy of Arts, 10-20 January 2023 at the
Akademija Gallery. 

Participants: Aurelija Slapšytė // Beata Borisovaitė // Elena Kanarskaitė // Julija Leonavičienė //
Julius Blažys // Lalita Hlinskaya. 
The exhibition will be on display at the „Akademija“ gallery. 
The opening will be an opportunity to get to know the participants of the exhibition better and to
hear their perception of the created and imagined principles of reality. 
The opening will also include a concert by sound artists and creators Viltė and Albertas.