The Gallery "Akademija" (Pilies str. 44)

19 September, 6:00 pm


Artists often take painful moments, difficult emotional experiences or liminal situations as a starting point for inspiration. The present-day geopolitical, social, historical memory and cultural heritage issues are indeed not an exception. In other cases, the work may be inspired by astonishing or soothing images, the desire to put into words what cannot be expressed verbally, or the aim to capture in the present the natural and human-made milestones that once received special attention, but are disregarded today.

This exhibition is an attempt at opposing the concerns that certain processes are not meant to be discussed yet,  and the result of the willingness to discuss such topics that cause dividing opinions.

In order to articulate the accrued anxieties and expectations, to display experiences and feelings, the idea of organizing the exhibition  (NE) VIETA or (NOT) A PLACE was developed and nine former and current students of the Vilnius Academy of Arts (VDA) (Viktorija Balkutė, Evelina Bernatonytė, Pijus Chraptavičius, Rolanda Jastrumskytė, Roma Mikalauskytė, Lucija Teodora Mikučionytė, Eva Rodz, Greta Skamaročiūtė and Margarita Valionytė) are inviting visitors to attend the event.


During the opening of the exhibition on 19 September, at 6:30pm, there will be a performance "Unspoken Words" by the artist Eva Rodz. This is an ongoing project of the author touching upon the theme of violence*.

*FOR THE ATTENTION OF VISITORS: the performance will be dominated by loud screaming and may be potentially disturbing.


The curator of the exhibition Karolina Bukovskytė

Visual designer Dovydas Černiauskas

Architects: Vilius Baranauskas, Agota Maziliauskaitė


Special thanks to: Nojus Drąsutis, Gediminas Jasinskas, Viktorija Juškaitė, Rapolas Kavaliauskas, the VDA Department of Photography, the VDA Laboratory of Photography and Media Art.