Valentina Černiauskaitė, Juozapas Švelnys

„The Silences of Vilnius”

2021 09 01 – 2021 09 18


The exhibition consists of audio recordings, a book and objects which were made in attempt to capture the intangible event of Silence. Two young artists go after the Silence in city’s open spaces, dormant buildings and encapsulate their findings into concrete objects-containers. Sentimental value in both the process and the result is one of the key points which artists are striving for. Keeping in mind that in order to comprehend the Silence, one shall go beyond absence of noise, the attention is directed towards the events, echoes, reverberations and imprints in the city that surround silence. From mathematical noise level measurements, loudest traffic spots to the wind blowing pedestrians’ hair, the viewer is immersed by the notion of silence and invited to experience it in a playful and intimate way.


Opening of the exhibition will take place on the 2nd of September at 6 PM, Pilies st. 44, Vilnius.

Project is partly funded by the Lithuanian council for culture