Greta Virzbickytė | Feelings
2022 – 12 – 20/ 2023 – 01 – 05
Opening of the exhibition: 20th December 5 p.m.

All my work is about myself, my inner world, which is an indescribable territory, intangible and invisible. I decided to visualize it, draw it, and sketch its contours and structure. It was best to convey it by painting through colors, memories, experiences, and strokes. Because of my techniques, all of it turned into abstract paintings, harmonious combinations of colors, spillover, overlapping, breathing, and not images of the real world. The painting was not chosen by accident. The canvas, in my opinion, is best at representing the fragility of the subconscious.

The purpose of my work is not only to free the imagination but also to remind the audience about the existence of their own inner world. With my works, I construct an alternative reality that comes from my subconscious. My works are a visualization of my subconscious. With my work, I want to show the audience that boundless worlds lie within each of us, they can be seen if we give them the opportunity to open up and spread. I invite the viewer to look inside themselves, to rethink what their subconscious looks like.