Tales from the 4th floor

Tales from the 4th floor

2021 07 20 - 08 26

At dusk, crickets meet here (if you keep quiet, you can hear their latest stories). When the time comes, they turn into shivering stones and cause tiny floor quakes. They remind me of meteors I used to catch through trolley windows – now all the rooms have turned into them. Someone’s always wagging their tail while observing the satellites or playing science. But on the upper floors there are the coziest creatures. Tiny-legged insects that seem to be just waiting for the best opportunity to catch me; the exuviae stuck in between the piano keys, or the space dust tickling my nose. I start sneezing and the space falls apart bit by bit.

Participating artists are from the fourth floor - where the Department of Photography and Media Arts of the Vilnius Academy of Arts is located. They turn the gallery spaces into an unusual trolleybus that travels creatures from lived-through stories and myths travel to new places.

Artists: Mantė Elelueta, Viktorija Balkutė, Evelina Bernatonytė, Gabrielė Oržekauskaitė, Aistė Marija Stankevičiūtė, Giedrius Stonkus, Danielius Marius Šermukšnis, Jokūbas Vaicekauskas, Jokūbas Verbickas

Curators: Mantė Elelueta & Aistė Marija Stankevičiūtė

Exhibition opening: July 20. 6 p.m.