Many Lithuanian companies and institutions show a united front when facing the challenge of COVID-19. In this difficult time Lithuanian health care institutions, doctors and medical personnel report their lack of essential protective supplies. Tadas Vosylius, a lecturer at Kaunas Faculty of Vilnius Academy of Acts, started a creative initiative at his own home. With tools available he designed a protective face shield and produced it using a 3D printer.

At the moment there is a huge shortage of protective equipment for medical professionals so I created a lightweight and comfortable shield design. I used a transparent 0.1 mm thick plastic film and a standard thermoplastic filament used in 3D printers. I gave the first shields to the doctors for testing. They liked it and now are using them at Kaunas 2nd Clinical Hospital.

Tadas Vosylius

The next day Tadas Vosylius was contacted by Rotary Foundation and Laisves TV Medical Support Fund regarding the newly available product. The above mentioned public organizations are getting ready to start production in larger quantities.

The medical personnel is in urgent need of our help, so I am sharing publicly the model of protective face shield. If you have access to a 3D printer, I encourage you to download the model and print it.

Tadas Vosylius

Vilnius Academy of Art shares 3D printer-friendly stl files that you can use for personal and medical support purposes.
For technical support the lecturer can be reached by email

Stay healthy and safe!