On April 8th 2021 Vilnius Academy of Arts Kaunas Faculty, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences and European Art Therapy Training Consortium (ECARTE) organised a virtual international conference "Art Therapy and Personal Health 2021".

Assoc. prof. dr. Vaida Almonaitytė-Navickienė Head of the Department of Humanities (Vilnius Academy of Arts Kaunas Faculty) not only read a scientific report but also moderated a virtual conference. According to professor the lecturers from abroad read detailed reports lasting up to 45 minutes, which became the priority focus of the conference:

The lecturers shared their professional experience, revealed case studies, new theories of application of art therapy and practical connections. The current threats and global problems posed by the pandemic were analyzed as well as the possible solutions through art therapy.

After the break the conference was continued by a presentation session of Art therapy students. According to the conference moderator assoc. prof. dr. Vaida Almonaitytė-Navickienė students presented their master's research papers being completed, their research and readiness to enter the professional field of art therapists.

At the end of the conference lecturers of the study program Art Therapy and professionals in related fields subtly spoke about the links between art therapy and philosophy, dance, writing, photography and professional art practices.

Speakers of the conference: Irina Katz-Mazilu (France), Natalia Nazarova (Russia), prof. Eha Ruutel (Estonia), prof. Kristine Martinsone (Latvia), Elina Akmane (Latvia), Ilze Plūme (Latvia), dr. Marian Liebmann (United Kingdom), dr. Margaret Hills de Zarate (United Kingdom), Milda Butkevičiūtė, Barbora Baušytė-Sipovič, Arūnė Ščiupokaitė, Rūta Adomaitienė, Giedrė Markauskienė, Birutė Kakarienė, Kamilė Cechanovičienė, Vaida Virbalaitė-Šablevičienė, Suūritė, Jūratė . dr. Stanislovas Mostauskis, doc. dr. Vaida Almonaitytė-Navickienė, dr. Jovita Aukštikalnytė-Varkulevičienė.

The organizers of the conference - the committee of master's degree program in Art Therapy - thank all the speakers and participants of the conference for the successful event.