On 29th October Kaunas Faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts welcomed a guest lecture from Estonian architect and artist Vilen Künnapu on "The Mystical Aspect of the City". The subject of the lecture was described as follows:

"Magic and mystery have always been part of architecture in Egipt, Mexico, Tibet, Europe and elsewhere. Many books have been written about mystical plans of Rome, Paris, Washington and Moscow. I will speak about my own mystical experience what I have felt during my journeys, work and life as well as my planned projects, buildings, installations and paintings, including Arctic Centre in Rovaniemi, West Coast Gateway in Los Angeles, Snailtower in Tartu, Methodist Church and newly built Kadrioru Plaza in Tallinn. You will hear lots about shamans, energy towers and sacral geometry." 

During the lecture Vilen Künnapu presented his creative works - from architecture in Tallinn to paintings from Santorini Island, from shamanic rituals and energy towers in small Lithuanian village to installations in London and in Venice Art Biennale. The artist shared his thoughts on creativity: 

"The more art a human heart contains, the better is the world."

This lecture is part of the cycle of nine lectures “Urban Culture. Cities Without People”. The full program can be found here.