Furniture Design and Restoration | Undergraduate | Telsiai

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Head of programme, Laima Mikalauskienė

Basics of designing 1. Designing of transformable furniture 2. Speciality practical training: heritage research 3. Experimental materials and technologies 3. Designing of purpose built furniture 4.  Design and restoration technologies 4. 3D composition 5. Speciality practical training: technological 5. Production technologies of furniture 6. Plastics of materials 6. Speciality practical training: project 7. Form expression and function 7. Form and structure 4. Designing of commercial furniture 7. Creative interpretation 7. Final BA project 8  Ramūnas Banys

Digital technologies (2D) 1. Digital technologies (3D) 3. Ecodesign 3. Project of design 6. Interpretation of antique furniture 5. Designing and restoration of furniture and interior elements 7. Final BA project 8

prof.  Algirdas Žebrauskas

Ergonomics and designing of functional environments 1. Basics of architecture 5. Basics of interior design 7

lect.  Ramūnas Balsevičius

Layout and material 1. Design 2. Design and restoration technologies 4. Production technologies of furniture prototype. Technologies of furniture restoration and unique technologies 5. Solvents and furniture finishes 4. Final BA project 8

a specialist for students practical training  Valdas Giedra


 Visiting lecturer


lect. Goda Simona Jurgelionytė

Polychromy in furniture restoration 5