Prof.  Jonas Audėjaitis

Date of birth

17 June 1957


1983 – finished higher education studies in Vilnius Academy of Arts (former Vilnius State Institute of Art); specialisation: interior and equipment (architecture).

Professional qualification, academic degree  (year and university)

Professor (VAA KAF, 2009)

Employer and position (period)

Vilnius Academy of Arts Kaunas Art Faculty (VAA KAF)

1983-1999 – Vilnius State Institute of Art (now Vilnius Academy of Arts), Department of Architecture, teacher;

1999-2004 – VAA KAF, head of the Department of Architecture;

2004-2009 – VAA KAF, vice-dean, associate professor;

2009 onwards – VAA KAF, dean, professor;

Other employers and positions

2011 onwards – member of the Board of VAA;

2012 onwards – vice-chair of the Senate of VAA;

1994 onwards – certified design company UAB ‘STUDIJA2A’ (former ‘SECTURA’) founder, director;

1992 onwards – certified architect, project manager, Certificate No.581.

Academic field


Academic direction

Art history and theory (03H)

Areas of academic interest

Building architecture, interior design

Delivered subjects or courses (Study type and programme)

Architectural design, interior design, fundamentals of furniture design, bachelor’s degree project in architecture, master’s degree project in architecture, practice and workshop 3.

Membership in organisations

2012 onwards – member of the board of the public movement ‘Vieningas Kaunas’;

2011 onwards – member of Kaunas culture and art board;

2005 onwards – member of Rotary club ‘Romuva’;

Other professional activity

Participation in expert art and science activity (2006-2011): participation in the evaluation of bachelor and master study programmes of architecture offered in Lithuanian universities organised by the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education; preparation of an expert review about the study programme of interior design of Vilnius College of Design.

Chairing and participation in the commission of final degree projects of the study programme of architecture and other study programmes; participation in the entrance exam commission of the 2nd cycle studies; chairing and participation in the defence commission.

Professional architect’s activity working as the head of the architectural design company UAB ‘STUDIJA2A’. Performed projects include detailed planning, building design, and interior and equipment design issues.

Personal skills and competences

Foreign languages: Russian, Polish, English.


List of the most important academic, methodological and creative works produced over the last five years





2012 – Dwelling-house, Žaibo str. 4, Noreikiškės, Kaunas district.

2011 – Complex of two dwelling-houses, Tvenkinių str.7, 9, Lapės, Kaunas district.

2009-2010 – Dwelling house, Vasarvietės str. 25c, Kaunas.


2011-2012 – Reconstruction of the hotel ‘Eco hotel Babilonas’, Raseinių str.25, Kaunas.

2004 – Reconstruction of the building of AB ‘Miestprojektas’, including Class A office centre BLC, Donelaičio str. 62, Kaunas.


2010-2011 – Interior and furniture for a dwelling-house, Vasarvietės str. 25c, Kaunas.

2009 – Interior and furniture for the major lobby of Kaunas Hospital, Hipodromo str. 13, Kaunas.

2000-2003 – Interiors of clothing store chain ‘ZAZA’ in Hague, Rotterdam, Enshede, the Netherlands.




September 2012 – Scuola Italiana Design in Padua, Italy.

February, May 2010 – Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland.

September 2010 – Florence Institute of Design International, Italy.

June 2002 – Netherlands Architecture Institute, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.




2007 – Diploma for the best project of the year, Lithuanian Architects Association Kaunas subdivision.

2001 – Diploma for the best project of the year, Lithuanian Architects Association Kaunas subdivision.

2000 – Prize ‘DETALĖ 2000’, Lithuanian Architects Association Kaunas subdivision.




13-15 March 2012 –Presentation ‘Lietuviška patirtis universalaus dizaino srityje’ / ‘Lithuanian experience in universal design’. International conference organised by the Faculty of Architecture and Communication, International School of Economics and Business Administration (RISEBA).




1.23 March 2012 – Courses for the members of Lithuanian higher education dissemination net organised through the EU project. Co-ordinator: Vilnius University International Business School.
2.22 November - 20 December 2011 – computer literacy courses ‘ECDL mokymo programa (7 moduliai) pažengusiems’ / ‘ECDL training programme (7 modules) for advanced users’, organised through the EU project dedicated to the training of computer literacy skills in the southeast, central and northeast regions of Lithuania. Co-ordinator: Utena college.
3.2010- 2011 – Qualification courses ‘VDA studijų sistemos efektyvumo didinimas’ / ‘Study quality improvement at VAA’, organised through the EU project, Co-ordinator: VAA.