Programme code 


Qualification degree

Master of Arts

Level of qualification

University studies, Second cycle, graduate (Master's)

Mode of study

Full-time, 2 years, 120 credits


To provide an interdisciplinary master's degree in art and design in accordance with European standards: to develop interdisciplinary applied art professionals-creators-practitioners capable of conducting research, evaluating art theories, thinking critically and creating works of art using a variety of visual, spatial and functional methods and innovations, generating a vision of professional activity, actively participating in social and cultural life, influencing positive change in the community, the state and the wider world.

Profile of study programme

APPLIED ART - Vilnius Academy of Arts master's program is run at Telšiai Faculty. This master’s program covers contemporary art jewellery, metal art and sculpture, furniture, design, and fashion. Interdisciplinary art and design studies provide opportunities for educators and practitioners of applied art to develop and establish themselves.

The aim of the program is to produce mature art professionals who are able to evaluate socio-cultural issues, evaluate modern art and design theories, think critically, create applied art works, design projects using a variety of visual, spatial and functional methods, innovations, generate a vision of professional and cultural participation in life processes in both Lithuania and in the wider world.

The program is based on the understanding of the relationship between aesthetics and purpose, form, space and materiality, allowing students to express the conceptual essence of the work through tactile project experience, analyse the perspectives of interaction between art, design and craft, and assess the complexity, interdisciplinarity and interdisciplinary context.

The study process is focused on creative practice, which includes not only theoretical studies, critical thinking discourse, artistic research methods, managerial skills, but also practical understanding of the chosen field through mastery of materials and technologies, and a relationship with public space and the broader social environment. Students spend two years purposefully conducting theoretical and artistic research on a chosen topical subject, accompanied overseen?? by their supervisors, accumulating academic knowledge in selected study subjects, experimenting with new creative solutions, collaborating with social partners and delving into socio-cultural and communication contexts to realize their ideas. The program concludes with the presentation and public presentation of the research (or?) theoretical work and exhibitions of the implemented creative project. Graduates of Applied Art obtain a university master‘s degree in art and a qualification that meets European standards.

Occupational profiles of graduates

Individual and team creative activity in applied art, design studios and companies, generation of art projects, curation, specialized work in galleries, museums, cultural institutions, in various cultural industries, individual business.

Study programme coordinator and study organization department

Prof. Laima Kėrienė
Telšiai faculty

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