Programme code 


Qualification degree

Master of Arts

Level of qualification

University studies, Second cycle, graduate (Master's)

Mode of study

Full-time, 2 years, 120 credits


The aim of the master’s study programme of Applied Ceramics is to prepare a professional specialist of applied ceramics conforming to international standards and master’s qualification, who is able to design and realise complicated visual art and authorial design objects, possesses scientific and artistic research skills, is able to create individual artistic conceptions applying innovative problem solution methods, broaden worldview and learn independently, organise and manage work, and co-operate on the international scale, and is able to continue doctoral art studies.

Profile of study programme

Second-cycle university study programme Applied Ceramics includes the subjects of art, humanities, social and occupational subjects; its aim is to prepare a professional specialist of applied ceramics meeting the international standards and possessing master-level qualifications; the graduate must be able to design and realise complex objects of visual art and individual design, possessing skills of scientific and artistic research, able to create individual artistic concepts and apply innovative and alternative problem solution methods, broaden his/ her own horizons, and study individually, organise work, manage it and collaborate on the national and international level, and ready to continue education in doctoral studies.

Occupational profiles of graduates

Students possessing Master's degree can work independently, they can implement conceptual art projects, work in the field of art education, develop a unique design business, can continue their Doctoral/PhD studies in the field of Art.

Study programme coordinator and study organization department

Assoc. prof. Remigijus Sederevičius
Kaunas faculty, Department of Ceramics

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