Fashion Design | Undergraduate | Vilnius

The main objective of the BA programme of Fashion Design is to prepare a high professional costume designer, fashion specialist capable of creatively using accumulated professional knowledge and practical skills, the latest scientific and technical achievements. The following can be distinguished by detailing the objectives of the BA programme:

- a deep and targeted orientation to modern fashion;
- knowledge and analysis of the structure of new materials;
- strengthening contacts with the general Lithuanian and international public and the fashion industry;
- developing entrepreneurial skills to help graduates adapt more easily to market developments.

These are closely linked to the essential purpose of the programme. The fashion design program is constructed in order of the complexity of the tasks, the subjects and their studies are synchronized according to the main objectives of the programme.

Profile of the programme

Fashion design development is inseparable from design development in a broad sense, manifesting through high-level proficiency, professional knowledge; constructive spatial, stylistic thinking, use of various means of artistic expression; distinctive sense of colours; awareness of fashion history and art, intuitive feel of fashion forecasts. Costume design is based on fashion's transient nature, eternal change; on the other hand - on its increasing functionality, traditions becoming permanent. Four BA academic years are the years of professional preparation of future fashion designers, providing possibilities to unfold their personal artistic expression. Study freedom as a possibility to choose from a huge variety of topics and their combination is an incentive for students' personality growth and creative freedom. Fashion designers are prepared according to the approved study plan.

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