Nida Art Colony is happy to announce that Martina Manterola and Letitia Paz from colectivo amasijo have arrived in Nida to participate in the Shepherd’s Residency in September and October.

colectivo amasijo started in 2019 in Mexico City, by a group of women from different professions and different territories: Veracruz, Oaxaca, State of Mexico and Mexico City. Their experience as shepherdesses began in Capulín (MX), doing research on communal lands and autonomy. The collective listens to the narratives that emerge from these actions as a mechanism to make visible the systems that perpetuate life. Tamayo Museum, Kamias Trienal, and Casa Wabi are some of the cultural institutions with which they have collaborated. Currently colectivo amasijo is part of a research team for MoMA.

The programme is developed in collaboration with Verpejos, the Curonian Spit National Park and consulted by Inland, co-funded and organised as part of NERINGA - Lithuanian Capital of Culture 2021.