The online lectures will start as of next Wednesday, February 17th at 17:00 (LT time zone, GMT+2) and will continue until May 12th 2021.

Theme: Medialization in the unknown zone. The medium as an environment. Professor and sculptor Henrik B. Andersen will present a series of lectures and artist talks that will identify current trends in contemporary art and examine the conditions for a media-based artistic practice in interdisciplinary contexts.

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All lectures will start at 17:00 (LT time zone, GMT+2)
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February 17th: Introduction to the lecture series this semester. At the request of the prof. Kirke Kangro from Estonian Academy of Arts, the first online lecture will begin with an introduction to some basic concepts in Gilles Deleuze's philosophy based on the book A Thousand Plateaus and their possible relation to artistic practice. Delivered by prof. Henrik B. Andersen.

February 24th: A study and lecture on the philosopher’s Gilbert Simondon's contribution to the relationships, techno-aesthetics and the concept of the Genesis of the Individual. Presented by a sound artist and PhD, Rune Søchting

March 3rd: Introduction and conversation with an artist Emil Rønn Andersen, who is participating this year with his work for the Shanghai exhibition, Bodies of Water: The 13th Shanghai Biennale. The conversation will be attended by Bjarke Hvass from the Danish Artist Group Primer, who works in a scientific and technological field.

March 10th: Number 2 introduction to Gilles Deleuze's philosophy and its relevance to current artistic practice. Presented by prof. Henrik B Andersen

March 17th: The second introduction to Gilbert Simondon's philosophy of the technical object and the concept of the individual.

March 24th: The second lecture in the series The Art Museum of the Future (the first was with the Director Christian Gether Arken from the Museum of Modern Art in Denmark). This lecture will be presented by the director Mikkel Bogh from the National Gallery in Denmark, who will discuss the challenges that the western post-war museum is facing. 

March 31st: Introduction to the Artist Group Primer by Bjarke Hvass Kure. Primer is a platform for artistic and organizational development. It is located in the headquarters of Aquaporin.

More information to follow. 

Please note that the programme is subject to change due to the pandemic. We will update the information regarding the upcoming lecture every week.

Henrik Bjørn Andersen (born in 1958) - Danish sculptor, a lecturer at Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1999-2008, from 2008 has been teaching at the Sculpture department of Vilnius Academy of Arts.