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VAA community is invited to remote online training "Information search in VAA Library e-resources". Participants will learn how to search for information on VAA virtual librarysubscribed and trial databases. During training you will learn how to search, select and save useful, academicaly reviewed material for your studies and research.

Training can take up to 1 hour 30 min. 

During training you will learn about some of our subscribed databases:

Art & Architecture Complete (EBSCOhost) – visual arts academic and professional publications. More

Artfilms – contemporary art films.  More

Berg Fashion Library – Bloomsbury press fashion design publications and visuals. Videopresentation

DETAIL inspiration – architecture projects. Videopresentation

Grove Art Online – Oxford university press visual arts publications. Videopresentation

JSTOR – social sciences and humanities journals. Videopresentation

Taylor & Francis Online – art and various other subject e-journals. More

The Index of Medieval Art – Princeton university curated index. Videopresentation

Vilnius Gedimino technikos universitetas (VILNIUS TECH) e-books – selected architecture, culture and philosophy e-books. More

Please register with your VDA e-mail:

December 14th (Tuesday) 10.00 am, remote online training "Information search in VAA Library e-resources"


After registration you will receive training link on Google Meet platform.

If you cant register, or have any questions about trainings please inquire at