Land art exhibition at VAA Artifex gallery and K. Sirvydo Square
Temporary Connections
22 06 2021–09 07 2021
Curated by | Inga Raubaitė
The aim of the exhibition is to present and introduce the gallery’s visitors, residents and guests of the city of Vilnius, to land art, discover a dialogue between the city, nature, art, the artist and the viewer, promote accessible culture, environmentally-friendly attitudes and add a few new and unexpected colours to the face of Vilnius.

Land art is an artistic movement born of 1960s America that was practised by artists who specialised in various disciplines. Works of land art are created in natural environments and made for specific landscapes, which in turn become an integral part of the artwork. Lately, land art has become increasingly popular in Lithuania.

This exhibition presents a new direction, another new conceptual approach to land art in the urban landscape, a fresh glance exploring the temporality of man, art and nature, expanding the boundaries of art, turning viewers’ attention to the issues of today – climate change and consumer culture. Here the symbiosis of nature and art is like the process of weaving, where the author’s ideas, medium and space come together in a single harmonious whole.

This exhibition is also especially relevant today, as the world tries to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, because it allows visitors to avoid unnecessary social contact but contributes to their better emotional well-being.

The exhibition will take place both at the VAA Artifex gallery and in the open air, at Konstantino Sirvydo Square. 


Participants: Elžbieta Jankovska-Bortkievič, Žilvinas Višinskas, Kristina Šaltytė, Audronė Sabalytė-Burbulienė, Arvydas Ališanka, Karolina Kunčinaitė, Irina Amosova-Novikova, Natalja Učvatova, Indrė Kupstienė, Justina Gražytė. 

The idea was supported by: Vilnius city municipality, VU Botanical Garden, #Stiklokvartalas, Wine bar "Burbulio vyninė"


The opening of the exhibition will take place on 22nd of July at 6 PM at K. Sirvydas Square, in front of the VAA textile gallery Artifex, Gaono str. 1, Vilnius.

Work by Audronė Sabalytė-Burbulienė