Virtual initiative | Exhibition 
 #MONOTONY | From 24/11/2020

During quarantine, for many of us, empty city streets looks gloomy, uncomfortable, and intimidating, but for creators, it is a completely natural state that not only does not oppress, but even allows to immerse themselves in creativity.
Many of them would confirm that they spend most of their life in a kind of "quarantine", because good ideas and good creations are born precisely when artists are separated from the surrounding world and closed in their workshops. So, this pause is just a luxurious opportunity to be with themselves, with their thoughts, and to highlight all the essentials.
The idea for this virtual initiative came to the VAA gallery Artifex during the first quarantine, in the spring, when due to the Global Pandemic, for the first time, everything had to stop and we had to close our doors to visitors unexpectedly.
We invited our colleagues, artists to open the doors of their workshops and, as if through a keyhole, let us look at that, different "quarantine". The authors analyzed / researched / thought about creative monotony, monotonous quarantine, about non-boring boredom, about the everyday life of a textile artist (or perhaps an artist in general), technology that requires time and patience in various senses - conceptually, historically, through sound, through form, through technique, etc. 
Wishing you creative inspiration, we invite you to a virtual exhibition, where we present videos sent by artists not only from Lithuania, but also from abroad.
Also, we invite everyone who wants (not necessarily textile artists) to contribute to the initiative and supplement this exhibition with even different perspective, email us your short videos via

Exhibition curators Justina Gražytė and Indrė Kupstienė

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