Joana Kairienė “Another Fur” | 14/1/2020-1/2/2020

In her exhibition “Another Fur”, Joana Kairienė presents a collection of related artefacts collected in recent years. This was the course of her research. During the explorations, the artist maintains a dialogue with an abstract and ever-changing dialog partner. The on-going conversation highlights the increasing desire of one person to recognize themselves in another's skin.

“…I close my eyes. I open them inside your skin. I don't understand if it's still me or already you. Why are you on my surface? I see your patterns everywhere. Clothes, things, TV shows, shops. I have not yet understood the origin of this need. Why are you so attractive to me? Why is your color so attractive to me?

I feel your breath between my inspirations. We become one. We go out into the street. I turn to see if you are still on my surface. I see you around the corner at the showcase. Bright lights illuminate the dummy below you. Then you disappear.

There are silver mirrors around. I don't see, but rather feel my image. I leave the room.

The curtains hide the outside. We become us again. Back together. Once again my foot is your tail. Your predatory teeth are in my mouth. Again I have to fight your enemies. I press your paw. You step outside the curtains. Third floor.

Now we only meet up on Sunday. You look tired. I cook some soup. You don't eat. The scales protect the bitemarks, I know this, so I ask you to cover my body with your body a bit. Today I need your protection. I put on a sweater, and walk out into the hallway. The door doesn't open...”

Joana Kairienė (1987) is a graphic artist working in Lithuania. In her artworks, she juggles different techniques of graphic arts and painting. Since 2013, she has been member of Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists' Association. Since 2009, Kairienė has participated in international and local exhibitions. Her works have been purchased by the MO Museum of Modern Art in Lithuania, the Jyväskylä Museum of Art in Finland, and private individuals in Lithuania and other countries.

Exhibition opening will take place on 14th of January (2020) 6 PM at VAA Textile gallery Artifex, Gaono st. 1, Vilnius.

Exhibition will be open until 1st of February, 2020.